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Sigrid Fossan is a country music artist from smalltown Rollag, Norway. She is known for her silver bell voice, personal songwriting and confident stage presence. 


Sigrid relased her debut EP, My Country Soul in 2021. It is the sound of her heritage from the farm in Norway, the beautiful landscapes in the valley Numedal and her love for the countryside. Her music leans towards both folk and Americana/Nordicana, and has been added to the Spotify playlist Nordic Folk more than once. 


In 2019, she recorded a local folk song called Numedalssongen. She brought in several traditional local instruments, like the Hardanger fiddle, jaw harp, Kravik lyre and flute. Take a listen to the beautiful and melancholic song that takes you more than hundred years back in time to Norway's countryside. 


Sigrid recorded the songs I Don't and Need No Man in Los Angeles, and has since played several concerts and venues like Imingfjellfestivalen, Studentsamfunnet in Ås and Kongsberg Jazzfestival. 

Boots of Europe blog annouced Sigrid as "European country artist of the week" in May, 2021: 

"She's a real Norwegian country girl; takes care of the family farm and has a true Country Soul. She's one of the most exciting female singers from Norway, with her clear, silver bell sounding voice."


BALLADE featured Sigrid in an article (Norwegian) about "Lengselen heimatt"

"I Sigrid Fossans sanger hører du familiegården hennes i ei bygd i Numedal. Også store hitmakere velger seg lyden av country – men hvor kommer alle de norske cowboyene fra?"

Boots of Norway blog says this about the song Country Soul released in 2021: 

"The song is beautifully told, and I think whether or not you belong to the countryside, you can feel the longing she is singing about. The song is so special, filled with typical Norwegian "memories", like grandmother's coffee table and lumberjack houses. The Norwegian fiddle really underlines the nationalism to it. Yet again, it's has a true country feeling to it. Sigrids Vocals are beautiful, delicate, and pure, and the English is impeccable.


This is great Norwegian country, and a piece of music Norwegians can be proud of internationally." 



phone                  +47 418 52 444

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